I have finally got my act together and created a website with several galleries showcasing my different illustration work. It involved a big learning curve but everything was made easy with Squarespace.


Hope you enjoy it!



Tenet Magazine Interview

Back in November, my niece, Frances, and her friend, Madeleine, were finishing off their Bachelor of Design degrees at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), (where I studied the same sort of thing, incidentally, a few years ago).  Madeleine decided to design and produce a magazine as one of her final projects and asked me if I would be interviewed for it.  Naturally, I agreed.

The digital result is online here.

I possess one of the few printed copies.

Tenet magazine cover-blog

Tenet magazine interview


I have to say that I think this magazine displays an impressively professional standard.  As was all the work that I saw at the end of the year exhibition put on by the students.  Awesome work, guys.

And I am very pleased to be in Issue One of Tenet magazine.  Thanks, Madeleine.

Merry Christmas!

To paraphrase the song, it must have been Christmastime, what with reruns of “The Sound of Music” and “Love Actually” on the telly, and a new variation on the old – “pre-Boxing day “Boxing day” sales”, and warm, cloudy weather.  Not to mention, me spending more time than I really had, designing and printing and embellishing Christmas wrapping paper and cards to decorate my gifts.  But it’s all part of the fun.







So, best wishes to everyone for the festive season.  Hope you all have a relaxing and energizing break over the holidays.

Lovely things for sale

My sister and I have started producing Christmas and birthday cards to sell, along with New Zealand-themed tea towels,

under our brand “Lovely Things”.

They are on sale from our Etsy shop,

Final type for copycolour cards

at our shop on Felt,


as well as on Trademe.

We will be concentrating mainly on New Zealand-themed items since postage costs to the rest of the world are quite high.

The cards in the range at present, are mostly reproductions of collaged cards I have made for friends and family in the past, and it is a great thrill to see them printed so beautifully, giving other people the opportunity to enjoy them as well.

Book Cover and Christmas card typography

Back in August and September I illustrated a book cover for self-publishing author Paul Carran.  The thriller is now available through his website here or on Trademe under General Fiction.  The wonderful layout and typographic design work is by Dexter Fry at Book Design.

COTD full_cover_Low-res_FA

Also, back in September, my Christmas typography design for a card was a runner-up in the Tigerprint competition for that month.  Tigerprint provided the choice of several photographic backgrounds to use.  I won an awesome book on typographic sketching by various artists.  Here’s my design.


Icebreaker T-shirt Design Competition

First, thanks to anyone who voted for my sock design in the Sockittome sock design contest.  The results are out tomorrow – pretty sure I didn’t win anything.

Now, one of my entries in the Icebreaker T-shirt Design competition has made to the group of ten finalists which are being voted for online at

This is my design which got in and is for a woman’s t-shirt.

Wild & Free t-shirt design

This is the man’s version which wasn’t picked.

Wild & Free men's t-shirt design

Naturally, the copyright for these belongs to me at the moment.

If anyone is interested and feels inclined to vote for my design (or another) I would appreciate it.  You can vote everyday until the 20th October.  The winning men’s and women’s designs get made into Icebreaker t-shirts.  Woohoo!